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We are a Belgian company, subsidiary of a real estate group with more than 45 years of experience. GROW your real estate specializes in the development of investment projects, especially in urban and peri-urban areas. Business flats, hotels, starter apartments and senior apartments, benefit from the expertise of our teams to invest there with confidence!

New construction projects
for the investor

Grow creates contemporary projects for buyers and users. Our passion for design complemented by multiple generations of investment know-how make Grow an established construction promoter.

Worry-free returns

Investing in real estate is a safe investment with unique advantages that no other banking product can offer.

Always top locations

In terms of real estate investing, Grow thinks beyond purchasing the right property in a suitable location, at the best time and at the correct price.

Rising real estate prices

Over the past few decades, real estate prices have risen annually , offering good prospects for the future.

Perhaps when you think of real estate investing, you think of buying an apartment. But there are several possibilities beyond that classic. Find out which type of real estate best suits you during a consultation with our sales advisors.

GROW your real estate

Our values
briefly explained

Many people invest in real estate without knowledge. The result? The investment does not pay off, unexpected problems crop up, the location of the investment turns out to be less favorable than expected, the value of the investment does not increase as quickly as hoped, … Don’t waste time and money like others and immediately engage a professional like GROW, your real estate with years of experience AND the right data at hand:


It is of utmost importance to convey everything "correctly" to the customer. And trust, of course, is essential here.


At GROW, your real estate, we think sustainable construction is incredibly important. Our BEN architects have been forerunners and trendsetters when it comes to energy-efficient construction for many years and prefer to set the bar a little higher.


Are we on the same wavelength? Then it's up to you to decide how to proceed with the process. A phone call, a personal introduction at the office or a friendly chat at a coffee shop near you? The choice is yours.

Your builder Grow

Your builder Grow

We realize quality new construction projects from A to Z with high-quality services that take the worry out of your hands. We take care of every step from land acquisition, construction and coordination, sales and possible operation.

In the process, we pay attention to every detail and never lose our helicopter view. You are buying from a player with experience and tons of knowledge. We are therefore happy to help you find the investment formula that best suits you.

We believe that anyone with sufficient available funds can best have real estate in their portfolio. In the long run, real estate has proven to be a good protection against inflation and over time provides protection and expansion of your patrimony and assets.

We offer new construction projects and associated services that make it hassle-free for you.

We are there for you at the time of purchase, rental and, if desired, resale after 10 or 20 years.

We can rely on more than 45 years of expertise within various segments of real estate where collaborations were realized with many satisfied customers.

The direct contact and our family entrepreneurial spirit ensure good cooperation. This avoids middlemen and makes everything go faster and more qualitatively.

Our ambition is to create a growth story with you and for you!

We look forward to meeting you for a nice chat.

GROW- Your Real estate team