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Why are business apartments so popular among expats?

By An-Sophie Dujardin
By An-Sophie Dujardin
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Businessflats are furnished apartments designed specifically for expats and business travelers. Expats are looking for comfort and functionality in their place of residence, which is why they like to choose business apartments.

But why exactly are they so popular among expats?

Here are 3 reasons in advance

  1. The location

    Business apartments are often located near companies, trade shows, airports or train stations. So expats can save themselves a lot of transportation time. The proximity of cities are also a great asset.

  2. Hotel vs. Apartment

    Business apartments offer the conveniences of a hotel combined with the privacy and space of an apartment;
    Thus, on the one hand, they can benefit from, for example, a reception desk, cleaning service, fitness and common area, and on the other, they enjoy modern facilities such as private kitchens, Wi-Fi and cable TV.

  3. Flexible renting

    Business apartments can be rented for both short and long periods, depending on the expat’s schedule. When travelers need to rent for an extended time span, hotel room prices can quickly become high. For them, then, a business flat is the ideal solution.
    As a proud business-flat owner, you find yourself in an enthusiastically exciting growth market where the sky is the limit!