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New Year’s party 2023

By An-Sophie Dujardin
By An-Sophie Dujardin

2022 is behind us and we enthusiastically looked forward to 2023. To usher in the new year, we organized a quarterly meeting and New Year’s party at Hostellerie Klokhof in Kortrijk.

The evening began with a review of the past year and a presentation of our vision for 2023 by our managing director. Each department had a chance to explain their numbers, goals and plans, including development, construction and coordination, sales and operations.

This year we want to focus on even better cooperation between departments and also the expansion of the GROW team. We GROW together!

In 2023, we focus on the Skyhub project, but new projects are also waiting around the corner.

As an added bonus, we had the pleasure of having guest speaker Els Cammaer of Zenit on the floor. She regaled us with an interactive presentation on the importance of a good corporate culture and clearly articulated corporate values.

The evening ended with a delicious dinner, a raffle and, above all, a social gathering. It was a dynamic evening where colleagues from different teams sat through each other’s tables to get to know each other better, both personally and professionally.

We look forward to the challenges and opportunities 2023 will bring us and are ready to meet them with our team!