Project Amada II

Farmer Street , Mouscron
Provided start:
Kreaproject exterior / Studio Piron interior design
Kimberley Piron - Interior

Capitalize on the aging population

Co-living is a contemporary and innovative form of living centered around community, while providing adequate privacy. Amada Mouscron is specifically committed to co-living for those over 55.

Residents seek each other’s company in the clubhouse and garden. Game nights or workshops are regularly organized. Each apartment is fully equipped with a private living space, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

This co-living is an affordable alternative to assisted living. It is suitable for residents who are still too vital to move into an assisted living facility and do not yet need the services offered there.

Professional service for investor and tenant

Amada II co-living is centrally located in Mouscron. Local amenities such as a supermarket, pharmacy and a hot bakery are within walking distance. In short, an extremely convenient location with easy access to local amenities.

The aging population, convenient location, additional income and increasing demand for alternative living arrangements for those over 55 are some of the reasons why a purchase in Amada Mouscron today can be especially interesting.

Amada is operated by an experienced operator. That way, as an investor, you don’t have to worry about anything. In fact, they manage rental, cleaning and maintenance. They also work for the tenants by organizing game nights, for example.

Co-living 55-plus
Farmer Street

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