Project SkyHub

Lambroek Street , Diegem
Provided start:
Urban Dots - Exterior
Kimberley Piron - Interior

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SkyHub offers quality business apartments with high-end amenities, including a gym, spacious lounge with mini-market, rooftop terrace and meeting facilities. Thus, we respond to the needs of business travelers (expats) and Eurocrats, in their search for comfortable and functional accommodation.

In addition, business travelers often need longer stays, ranging from a few days to several weeks or months. This can ensure a steady revenue stream, as you can count on regular occupancy of the business flats. In addition, companies may be willing to enter into long-term contracts for their employees, which can further increase revenue stability.

Business apartments are in high demand

Zaventem airport is an important business hub with numerous (inter)national companies. Investing in business apartments near the airport provides an opportunity to respond to the demand for accommodation from business travelers and expats traveling there for work-related activities.


Businessflats Skyhub

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